Increasing wind towers and their effect


The number of industrial wind towers on the Garden Peninsula will soon more than double. We are well on the way to the 90 towers predicted a few years ago.

The saddest part of this despoilment of a once Eden is that the only purpose of these machines is to satisfy a misguided political sop.

There is no scientific evidence to indicate that these machines will make the slightest dent in the energy needs of Detroit or elsewhere. In the future they will stand idle as do the ecologically incorrect redundant dams across the USA.

As was expected, our political “representatives” did not represent our citizenry but did satisfy their need for self-aggrandizement.

If you are concerned about the future of the Upper Peninsula, demand to know the true positions of the political class (zoning, city, township, county, state and federal). If you do not do this, your children and grandchildren will be left with a treeless, noisy, ugly, lifeless desert formerly known as “a special place.”

Stuart Craig



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