Cannot be President


Luis Rodriguez came to the US from Mexico legally at age 18. Luis, as an immigrant, cannot ever become President. But, look at what he can do here.

Luis, you can be a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, storekeeper, policeman, almost anything you want. It requires ability, the desire to get ahead, the will to work and faith in yourself and this Country. The opportunity is here. The fact that you are now poor and from another country need not hold you back. In this country, nearly everyone at the top started at the bottom. That’s the American Way.

In this country, we have always encouraged inventive skill and ingenuity. Here, most of us take pride in honest work and achievement. A very high standard of living is the result. But, in spite of all that, you’ll find some people here who talk about “rebuilding (transforming)’ America. They say it has outgrown its Constitution and Bill of Rights. They would like to change all the things that made America great — and pattern it after some other country. You’ll hear a lot about voting for so and so because they’ll “take care of you” and your family.

But, you’ll find that most self-respecting Americans prefer to take care of themselves….and work out their own futures. Americans do not like to have someone else do their thinking for them, or tell them how to live their lives. We don’t like to be pushed around.

Our forefathers founded this country to get away from that sort of thing. That’s why millions of people have settled here and prospered. That is hopefully why you came here. It is known as the American Dream.

That is why millions, weary of being bossed around by dictators, harassed by bureaucrats, told what to do, where to work, what wages they can have, would give anything to be here. Discover for yourself how the power and glory of America lie in her birthright of freedom and opportunity. Luis, immigrants can win a solid place for themselves and build a shining future, if they will stand on their own two feet and do their share to keep America American. Of course you can still like Cinco de Mayo, but learn to love July 4th. You can honor your Mexican roots, but assimilate and become a citizen. You can easily learn English.

A similar story to Luis’ was written 80 years ago in the 1940’s. It was written when America was clearly great, unparalleled and unique. However, even many folks then were concerned how we could lose what we possessed. Having stopped Nazi fascism and Japanese tyranny, ironically, still some wanted us to drift leftward towards socialism. Still today many politicians tell us what the government will do for them. We forget what JFK said about our doing for us. We need to give more and take less. Democrats, please do not let the radicals take your party towards socialism.

Mike Chief Olson



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