Bishop Noa Home workers deserve better


It has been over three years since the workers at Bishop Noa Home, voted to be represented by the United Steelworkers International Union as their agent in matters of collective bargaining. I recently asked some of the people who have firsthand knowledge of the issues; why is this process taking so long. I was shocked to hear what Bishop Noa’s leadership is demanding from and doing to the employees who go to work at that facility every day and it is nothing short of mind boggling. This is a Catholic run facility overseen by the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres. One would think this is a benevolent organization that values their employees contributions and would respect their wishes to have some say in their daily work lives. After all, a part of the Sisters operational philosophy on their website states “We believe a working Christian atmosphere that exemplifies fairness to employees will stimulate an atmosphere of service, growth and concern for the well-being of all.” While I could list some of the things I heard, I would rather simply ask that the Sisters reevaluate their position and abandon the issues that in my opinion are not reflective of a working Christian atmosphere.

Richard LaCosse



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