Microchipping employees


Microchipping has been great for finding lost pets. Cats and dogs that have gone astray have been returned home. Are we to be treated the same as cats and dogs by employers? Apparently our current state representative thinks so and was one of two representatives to vote in favor of microchipping employees.

A recent House Bill (HB 5672), the Microchip Protection Act, was introduced to prevent employers from demanding employees and potential employees from having devices implanted as a condition of employment or to obtain employment benefits. Mr. LaFave voted against this protection of the individual.

For someone who has claimed to be defending freedom and liberty of the individual, LaFave should be explaining this vote to us, his constituents. Is it the insurance industry, a major contributor to his campaign, that would benefit? Does the insurance industry want to monitor our health for their own financial benefit? Or could the microchip record our movements for tracking?

Whatever the reason, his vote in Lansing, goes against all our interests.

As a candidate for the 108th District, my vote would have spoken for every worker and against mandatory microchipping. The freedoms of every Michigan worker would be violated if microchipping were allowed in the workplace and made a condition of employment.

Dr. Renee Richer

Candidate for Michigan’s 108th House of



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