Failed local leadership


In a June 14 letter, County Commissioner David Moyle claimed that “for a healthy person without a compromised immune system your chances of dying of COVID 19 are less than being struck by lightning.” This is not reassuring if you are an elderly person, or have a compromised immune system. More than 2 million Americans have been sickened, and more then 122,000 have died of coronavirus infections.

Commissioner Moyle went on to state his belief that Governor Whitmer “is trying to damage the economy to advance her own political agenda,” adding: “The fair that is hosted by Delta County every year is critical to the fiscal infrastructure and economic lifeline to this area.”

Governor Whitmer’s agenda during an unprecedented pandemic of historic proportions puts the health and lives of Michigan citizens firmly ahead of the ideological agenda of her opponents. She has crafted a strategy based on medical and scientific guidance. As a result, Michigan is not experiencing the surge of COVID-19 infections currently ravaging much of the south and southwest.

If the Upper Peninsula fair, a one week event, is “critical to the fiscal infrastructure and economic lifeline to this area, “ the county is suffering from failed local leadership.

Nino E Green



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