Election year craziness


We deal with everything that comes our way. At this time it is a worldwide virus.

We can only hope our government is doing everything possible to work to find answers.

Is this a manmade virus? Will it ever end, or will a new one replace it? Could a certain country such as China, be behind this?

It is bad enough to deal with the onslaught of dirty politics every election year but the politics and the virus are driving us crazy.

We are being duped by someone, maybe ourselves.

Our future depends on the education of our youth and a prosperous economy.

This isn’t the time to dismantle. Anything, such as our law enforcement. Race relations are a myth. John Kennedy passed equal rights long ago. We have already sacrificed lives, such as the Civil War.

Because of an election year, you do not dismantle your history as a nation. Are we doing just that?

The American pole are always there for everyone. Lets just leave us alone to elect a president without pulling us into oblivion.

Mary Snyder



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