Circulating recall petition


I’m writing this letter for a number of reasons.

I am the person who filed the recall election petition concerning Councilman Ralph Blaiser.

Some people in our community have turned this recall into a political battle. It was never meant to be that. I am not anti-conservative. I am not anti-liberal. I am pro-common sense. This recall was meant to be an attempt to assure compassion and caring in our city government, instead of cynicism and cruelty. It was meant to help make this city I love a place where my children and grandchildren, your children and grandchildren, can grow up with a sense of purpose, pride, and compassion instead of fear.

If you believe the statements Councilman Blaiser made were inappropriate and over the line, please consider signing the petition for a recall election. As a matter of fact, if you feel strongly about signing or have already signed, please do as we do for the kids at Halloween and leave your porch light on. I, personally, and other similarly concerned citizens will be out knocking on doors for the next two weeks, collecting signatures.

Peter Gregoire



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