Take responsibility


The citizens of Escanaba have endured the debacle of City Councilman Blasier’s so-called joke threatening violence which has resulted in a recall petition currently awaiting approval of the language.Escanaba has received national attention both online and in newsprint. Still, the mayor and council continue to offer excuses and whataboutisms.

We have read the following written statements. (I stress written because we can always proofread what we write but can’t always take back the spoken word.)

Councilman Blasier’s prepared “press release: “…will be shot in both legs and left lying there till dawn, and at dawn, each person will need to crawl to the hospital.”

Councilman Blasier’s apology: “I apologize to anyone and everyone who was offended….On the other hand, it was the same advice Presidential candidate Biden gave two days earlier.” (By the way, Biden said this in relation to saving lives. The retired Dr. Blasier said this in relation to taking lives.)

Email from Councilwoman O’Connell to me: “He referred to Joe Biden…” (Irrelevant)

Letter from Mayor Tall and Council members:

“…most of us hadn’t heard about Mr Biden’s speech prior to the meeting…” (again, irrelevant)

“…there was absolutely no racial reference…” (Did someone say there was?)

“…the overwhelming majority of the letters came from areas outside of Escanaba” (So? The citizens of Escanaba are also upset and are none too happy to be on the national stage for this.)

Merriam-Webster’s definition of responsibility: the quality or state of being responsible, a) such as moral, legal or mental accountability. It’s a reasonable assumption that most of our journeys into adulthood taught us responsibility. We teach our children to take responsibility. Is it too much to ask of our elected officials?

Teresa Ross



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