Spare the rod…


…Spoil the child! Many decades ago a large American city had the highest crime rate in the country and the majority of the crimes were committed by those 18 and under. To combat this crisis, the police department initiated a PR program entitled “Delinquency Begins in the Home” and published a 12-step reverse psychology initiative to attract family involvement. Step 1: From infancy on give your child everything he wants so he grows up thinking he is entitled to everything free. 2. When he starts using foul language, laugh and call it “cute.” 3. Give no spiritual training and when he is 18 he can choose for himself. 4. Never use the word “wrong” because he might get a guilt complex and think everyone is out to get him. 5. Pick up after him so he learns no responsibility. 6. Let him read and view anything he wants and wait until later when the filth and garbage show up. 7. Be sure to quarrel often in front of him so when the family breaks up he won’t be shocked. 8. Give him all the spending money he wants so he will stop stealing. 9. Totally satisfy all his sensual desires. 10. Take his side against all neighbors, police and teachers and tell him again that the world is out to get him. 11. When real trouble shows up, tell the police that you “never could do anything with him.” 12. Prepare for a life of grief; it’s here.

Who;s da boss? Story goes: A 10-year old boy is walking down the street with luggage like he’s leaving home. A cop stops and asks him what’s going on. He says, “My parents won’t mind me anymore.”

Well, in today’s PC society, disciplining your child in opposition to the rules above is not going to get you interviews on The View, CNN or Rolling Stone. Cries of “abuse” will arise automatically if spanking or other means of non-passive discipline are advised. The right steps refer to “discipline” not “punishment” and there is a huge difference. Punishment is too often brutal, demoralizing, demeaning and excessive and leaves long-lasting scars and even blood. Most punishment comes from anger and spirits are crushed. Appropriate discipline, however, is fair, controlled, expected, restrained and upholds dignity and value. It provides security, boundaries, love and purpose. You show you care. The goal of punishment is to hurt and embarrass. Of discipline — to teach right from wrong and self-discipline.

So, parents, how we doing? In today’s PC society, expediency and the undermining of parental authority reign and wisdom and discernment are lost. There was a day not too long ago when that swat at school automatically led to more at home; that when “dad got home” was something not to look forward to; sometimes moms didn’t wait. “To your room, young man!”

Parents, it’s not too late. I was not a class “A” King Solomon dad. I’m glad that in time my children grew up pretty well despite me.

Mike Roy “Chief” Olson



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