No flag at Chamber of Commerce building


Flag Day has been here and gone. Why is there no American flag flying at the new Chamber of Commerce building?

There is a museum inside that building that commemorates the men and women who served in all of the branches of service. They fought to protect the United States Flag and some gave their lives for that flag.

I have stopped into the office at the Chamber more than once to suggest that there should be an American flag and a State of Michigan flag flying outside of the beautiful building; that was paid for by many donations from corporations, benefactors, local businesses and various other donations. It was praised as a project that would be for the people in Delta County to enjoy for years to come.

The last time I stopped in to inquire about a flag, the response I received was, “They didn’t have the funds, it wasn’t in the original plan, and besides the ground is frozen now!”

Am I the only one who thinks that it would be appropriate to have the American flag flying outside of a building that houses a tribute to our local veterans?


Dan Robitaille

Escanaba Township


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