Necessary procedure ‘not essential’


Lockdown death here. Our 60 year old family member died in his sleep in the predawn hours on Monday, May 18.

The medical examiner said, and I quote, “His death was the direct result of him not receiving appropriate cardiocare.” The simple but necessary procedure was deemed “not essential” under Governor Whitmer’s guidelines, and not allowed.

The medical examiner said, “Your family member was not alone. Many are dying needlessly under the Covid-19 lockdown.”

And so we grieve. Only 10 family members and friends can show up at the funeral services. Not 10 at a time. A total of 10. In our large clan, this is a painful loss. A minister may conduct a service but it must be brief, per Gov. Whitmer.

In the Lansing area where our family member lived, the prestigious Sparrow Hospital has several entire departments vacant, with many nurses, aides, receptionists and other staff who want to work, need to earn, blocked from working. Meanwhile community members die for lack of essential care that is not allowed under the current lockdown.

It is impossible to micromanage a large number of people engaged in complex circumstances from a distant central point without harmful, even lethal, consequences. To believe that ongoing central government control is the most effective path forward is inconsistent with reality. Families, businesses, schools, churches, communities need the freedom to exercise their choices in an environment that honors their values, needs, options and experience.

For example, Gov Whitmer required nursing homes to admit patients being discharged from the hospital after acute care for COVID-19. While the patients no longer needed hospital care they were still sick and contagious. Those in charge of the nursing homes protested but Whitmer did not yield. Understandably, many elders in the nursing homes died from COVID-19 needlessly.

Good leaders respect their subordinates and learn from them endlessly. They empower subordinates to make substantive choices and give input on important issues. Arrogant leaders believe their position ensures their right to control, and subordinates must obey regardless of the consequences.

Then Judge Napolitano disclosed in his column on May 18, that his research shows “more Americans die annually from heart disease, cancer, accidents and non-COVID respiratory failure than die annually from this type coronavirus.” Let that soak in.

Although grieving and angry, I am also grateful. We get to vote for our Governor in November! I will remember.

Lynn Hansen



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