Council Member Ralph Blasier should resign


In the June 5 Escanaba City Council, Council Member Ralph Blasier suggested that a press release, (to be written in the name of The City of Escanaba) say the following, which he read from his prepared notes:

“‘Any person throwing objects at police, shooting at anyone, looting and setting fires will be shot in both legs and left lying there till dawn, and at dawn, each person will need to crawl to the hospital,'”

In his apology, he blamed it as a misunderstanding of his bad humor. It should be noted that his “humor” would get you fired in any workplace in this country. Even if it was intended as a joke. I’m not laughing. Nobody should be.

You do not joke, nor should you find humor in, making threats of violence. Especially if your words are spoken as one of the elected representatives of the city Of Escanaba.

I call on Councilman Ralph Blasier to resign. His words crossed the line of what is acceptable. The residents of Escanaba deserve better than this.

Kevin Chown



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