Blasier’s motivations questioned


Lately, many unhappy Escanaba citizens have been expressing disbelief that one of our city council members would publicly advocate (at an official council meeting and from prepared statements) for violent and cruel treatment of protesters. Although, Councilman Ralph Blasier has said it was: 1) an ill-planned joke and/or 2) it was to parrot a recent out-of-context comment by Vice President Biden, his comments are outrageous and disappointing to many of us.

Additionally, I have been offended at Blasier’s use of the title “Governess” to refer to our Governor. He has used this title in a letter to the editor; in public council meetings; and recently while being interviewed for a local radio program. When asked by the radio interviewer why he uses the title Governess, Blasier said: “That is the correct title for a female Governor…” claiming that he doesn’t mean to demean. I find his very public use of this title sexist, political, and demeaning. It’s a fact that this is an obsolete title for female Governor that hasn’t been used anywhere in our country for some time. Why does Blasier publicly use this title? Does he truly believe this is correct terminology, which is in itself concerning, or is it to intentionally demean/disrespect Governor Whitmer and to inflame Escanaba’s citizens of a political bent that he openly disagrees with?

These public statements of Blasier’s are very in step with the divisive, bullying rhetoric we have sadly come to expect to hear daily from some in Washington D.C., yet I believe that our elected officials can and should be better than this. Our country and city deserve better. Fortunately, this tone is not the norm from our locally elected public officials — yet, and I pray that it never will be.

Catherine Wilson



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