Blasier is accountable for his actions


It would be greatly appreciated to have this editorial perspective published in our paper.

Having endured the endlessly dangerous and malevolent public statements made by Ralph Blasier as an elected city councilman, I need to analyze what he has said and done and give an explanation for his rude and unsubstantiated perspectives. Before doing that, I will concur with other editorial contributors that his actions merit being removed from office and having the council do much more than simply censuring his behavior — of course, the council has even yet to do the latter. It is very scary when he states, “If I were alone in charge of the city, this is what I would publish….” He seems to fill Trump’s shoes in Escanaba — egocentric and unresponsive to community needs. He further claims that his advice is the same as that given by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. He states, “I think that is where I got the idea.” His getting his thoughts from Joe Biden is about as credible as me getting great ideas from Trump (that would never happen). The underlying intention is to discredit Biden as a legitimate presidential candidate. Blasier’s approach is used to boost the spread of misinformation on social media platforms — through public statements made at a city council meeting. It is time for us in our small community to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions and statements. We need to make sure that if a person shows you who he is, believe him! His continued presence and influence on the local political scene need to be ended.

Thank you for this article’s inclusion,

Chuck Londo



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