Open up


Now Governor Whitmer wants another 28 days of a lockdown.

I am asking every business in Escanaba to grow spine and re-open. Let’s start at one end of Ludington. state and county offices, and library, right up to Menard’s. Open up. Let’s take Lincoln Road. Dr. Jacobs, The Stonehouse,the dining room at Wendys, Hudsons, Donut Connection, Aspen Dental, Hobby Lobby, Marshals, dining room at Burger King, McDonald’s Taco Bell, Pizza Hut. Do I need to go on? Family Video, Lincoln Host Motel, Jimmy Johns, Jim’s, KFC, Family Inn, the the family center at UP Putt.

There is no reason to keep these places closed.

Escanaba — grow a backbone and open up. There are not enough jail cells to hold us all.

Tom Grant



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