How about the U.P. of Wisconsin?


The statistics for coronavirus as of May 6, 2020 are:

Michigan cases 44,954, deaths 4,237

Upper Peninsula cases 96, deaths 13

Total cases 45,050, deaths 4,250

U.P. percent of total cases 0.20%, deaths 0.30%

The population of the Upper Peninsula is 311,000. The population of the entire state is 10,000,000. That means we represent a little over 3.00% of the entire state.

Simple math tells us the state, as a whole, has fifteen times the number of cases per capita and ten times the number of deaths per capita as the Upper Peninsula. (3.00% divided by 0.2 and 0.3)

Wouldn’t you think they’d split us off from the rest of the state like so many others are doing such as the great job the governor of Florida has done. It would sure allow us to move faster and allow so many to begin to provide for their families again.

Our governor seems to think, “one size fits all.”

They’re too indifferent in Lansing to realize the dramatic difference between us and the rest of the state. If only Wisconsin could take us in.

Let me ask you, do you feel you have more empathy for Milwaukee and Green Bay or for Detroit and Flint.

I believe I’ve made my answer quite clear. What’s yours?

(p.s. the Wisconsin bit is “tongue in cheek” but it does seem interesting.)

Bert Koski



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