Graduation for 2020 seniors idea


All local schools have football fields, track and field and parking lots. Here is a thought for celebrating our seniors in the Upper Peninsula. They don’t have senior prom, honors banquets or graduation ceremonies. How about having ceremonies, attended only by graduating seniors, no families. They would gather on one day in their cars in their cap and gowns and each given a number. The top ten students first. Then spaced 12 feet apart, they would walk around their school grounds and onto a track and field where there would be a stand which would have their school board (socially distanced) and all wearing masks including the senior students. Pomp and Circumstance would be played over loudspeakers. Their names would be announced and they would pick up their diplomas placed on a table (no shaking hands). At the same time if any honors are due them they would be announced as in receiving scholarships received. All of this would be broadcasted on local radio and/or television stations live and/or recorded so it could be streamed and/or recorded for playback to family and friends.

In addition, the students can decorate their cars with balloons, streamers, or signs, etc. Once they receive their diploma, they return to their vehicle and can listen on the radio or streaming video as their classmates receive their diplomas. Once the last senior has received theirs, there will be a parade accompanied by police cars and fire trucks with sirens and lights flashing. The students for example, in Escanaba, would leave the high school parking lot, travel south and turn onto Lake Shore Drive then proceed into the lower drive at Ludington Park, they would then drive south on upper Lakeshore drive, then turn on 10th street, then left onto Ludington Street, then south on 14th Street and again down Lakeshore Drive and down Lincoln Road to Ludington and back to Lakeshore Drive and circle the water plant. All the while tooting their horns. They would then disperse but would have a great memory. Each community can create their own routes and dates. Citizens could decorate with school colors along the route. Social distancing but a celebration nonetheless. Could this be done? What do you think?

Susan Carlson



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