Don’t open the casino yet


We were very dismayed to hear that the Island Resort and Casino is opening for business this week. We think this is an unwise decision. The general manager, Tony Mancilla, argues that we are different from Detroit so we should be treated differently. Yes, we are very different from Detroit but the coronavirus (COVID-19) is the same deadly virus everywhere. We have been blessed with very few cases in Delta County, only 13 so far. Why? Because of the shutdown of non-essential businesses, social distancing and people wearing masks in public spaces. Our citizens have been careful to follow the guidelines. Opening up now is sure to boost the number of local cases due to the influx of gamblers from Wisconsin, where casinos are still closed. As we know, the Green Bay area has seen a steep rise in the number of coronavirus cases these past two weeks with over 200 new cases on May 1 and 2 alone. Guess where Green Bay folks will be coming to gamble this week, bringing COVID-19 with them? Taking temperatures at the door is not reassuring because the virus is very contagious at least two days before people have any symptoms. People don’t have to have symptoms to infect others. We have had only one reported case of coronavirus in Delta County in the past two weeks. Does the Island Resort and Casino really want to be responsible for bringing COVID-19 back to Delta County? Open the golf courses only.

John Hickner MD

and Valerie Hickner


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