Strong Yoopers


I am astonished — appalled even, at what I am hearing. Are we not the Americans with “Live free or die” of “Don’t treat on me.” of “Can do?” Are we not the country that has invented most every worthwhile thing known to man kind (and woman)? Are we not the holder of more Nobel awards than any other country? Did we not feed both Europe and Japan after World War? Why is every one running around crying “the sky is falling?”

And we — American Yoopers — are we not the stalwarts that show the rest what it means to be from “The land of the free and the home of the brave?” We who do not wait, when there is a tragedy or need in our community, to be told what to do. We step up and (to coin a phase) “git R done” We have faced poverty and lose but it has only made us stronger — more determined to live the Yooper life.

Janet Perkins



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