Give it away


Soon most of us will be receiving $1,200. How will you spend or use it? As for me, somewhat financially stable, I’m giving all of it away, probably in 12– $100 bills.

There are plenty of singles, families, places or organizations who could greatly benefit from one or more hundreds. Think about those not working or neighbors or relatives, maybe to some of those on the front lines — grocery store employees, medical personnel, etc.

I will likely give a few hundreds away anonymously. So, if you receive such a hundred, thank me. Smile. Tis true that it is “more blessed to give than to receive.” Find out.

If you can “afford” to give it away too, go for it. Make someone’s day! If you see me, say, “Mike, I gave away 500, or 2 or 7 or 10, whatever.”

Some of my recipients have some bad “user” issues. A grocery 100 card can substitute there with the verbal statement to buy no alcohol or tobacco. A trust factor is engaged here. I choose wisely. And, don’t ask me for one of these hundreds now; my 12 are already designated.

Boy, is my house so clean and my stuff so organized. I am handwriting letters. And I have time to exercise regularly and have long phone chats. I love hugs, and my yard’s trees don’t work so well. Just think of all the money you are saving now by not being allowed to redeem all those bottles and cans until later. Let ’em fill up your garage.

Hug those close to you.

Mike Olson

Ford River/Escanaba


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