Defending LaFave


I am writing in response to a letter published on April 15, 2020. It was written by Daniel Young. In Mr Young’s eye’s, Beau LaFave failed in his “sacred duty” to fulfill the need’s of the 108th district, as evidence he sights Mr LaFave’s protest in Lansing.

I too am a member of the 108th District and in my minds eye Beau LaFave was doing his most sacred duty. He was protecting the constitutional rights of the 108th District from all enemies foreign (and in this case) domestic.

Go Beau!

During the most epic tragedy in American history the Civil War. The Supreme Court refused President Lincoln the power to suspend the Bill of Rights.

My question to Gov Whitmer is “Just who in hell do you think you are to try and take these rights from me?

To Mr Young and everyone else out there with his mindset I say, “not everyone in the 108th District is a sheep looking toward Washington and Lansing for salvation.

Semper Fi

Charles S. Smouthers Jr.

Rapid River


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