Control of our lives


Through no fault of our own, almost every business is either going out of business, already closed, or just hanging by a thread.

I understand all of the pros and cons of why everything is shut down. However, if you look at it from another perspective, you have to question why.

The “experts” have told us that we have to stay inside to slow the curve. I can’t go to church and worship God with my friends and family. I can’t go to my friend’s house without a risk of being arrested. I can’t take a motorized boat on the lake. At the same time other state’s citizens are out there fishing. I can’t buy anything to do with planting a garden at Walmart or Menards garden centers. I can go to T&T Hardware. I can’t go to an empty park and have a picnic, but I am allowed to be in a crowded store shopping for non-existent toilet paper.

I would think that, by now, Governor Whitmer would have opened her eyes and realized that if I grow a garden, then I won’t be needing to shop by fall. Or, if I am a a park, I am not risking anyone else. If I was out there fishing, then I don’t need as much food at the crowded grocery stores.

I have several underlying medical conditions. I am a target for COVID 19. I am also careful and mindful of my surroundings. If I catch this thing, then I guess it is just God’s will. I, as well as everyone else will die someday. Last flu season over 36,000 Americans died from influenza. We have to “flatten the curve on the coronavirus because we don’t have a vaccine.” We have vaccines for influenza yet 36,000 a year die from it.

A few people decide who is essential and who isn’t. It is about time we take the power back and control our own lives.

Tom Grant



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