Common sense has left the building


Is there a logical excuse for some of the things that the Governor has said and done? She shut down the whole economy. She got on TV and made repeated references to the fact that she didn’t have ventilators/masks/etc. She threatened doctors that prescribed the hydroxochloropine. One of the Democrat legislators was infected and then successfully treated with the drug. Now the Governor is complaining that the federal government (President Trump) needs to get her some more. There are not enough hospital beds, but hospitals are not overflowing. Maybe understaffed. Now we are subject to arrest if we are in our cars and not going to the grocery store or pharmacy. We are coming into the shortest growing season in the nation and we are not allowed to buy seeds to grow our own food. We can’t put our boats with motors in the water but we can use a paddle. Some people rely on fish for their food or livelihood. We can’t buy paint, carpet and other “non-essential” hardware. What happens when my toilet breaks?

I can no longer cut my grass and do proper landscaping. I am forbidden by Governor’s decree to hire someone to take care of it. We can’t have church services. Even those who were having a “drive-in” church were arrested in other places.

Greyhound and Indian Trails were stopped. They didn’t want to risk bringing the virus north. However, Delta Airlines flies in and out of Escanaba every day. Where do they fly from? Detroit. What is ground zero in this state for the COVID 19? Detroit. Actually, the first COVID19 case in Delta County was an airport employee. 70,000 people overdosed on opiods last year. Did we close any restaurants or stop the sale of seeds? Did we stop people from going to church?

Of course, the “essential items” you can buy is alcohol, and marijuana. Beer, wine, liquor and pot are legal. They will even deliver it to you. When I was younger, people who delivered pot were usually arrested.

Common sense has left the building.

Common sense has all but evaporated.

Tom Grant



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