Bold leadership needed


As a retired State Police officer, I participated in many emergency crises beginning with the Detroit riots in 1967. The purpose of this article is to encourage a form of bold leadership which in my opinion seems to be lacking. At times like this I want my leaders leading, all hands on deck, working in a non partisan way with one focus in mind! Why do I not see local officials working with county

officials, and with our state elected representatives to address this crisis. For example, could we not compile data on every business that could be open with full or skeleton crews, at a percentage of operating capacity, with employee safety monitoring procedures in place. This data could readily be used in a bi-partisan meeting with the Governor and her staff. Business owners and medical experts should possibly be included for additional input.

Having spent considerable time the past week and a half seeking information regarding what is being done I find the partisan politics unacceptable! Right now, we urgently need bold leadership focusing on the big picture while utilizing all the best information available. Making good sound decisions on this basis I believe would enhance public support and move Michigan ahead as a model for the rest of the country.

Kenneth T. Casperson

Ford River


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