All deserve better?


Mr. Cody obviously voted for Hillary. (Friday April 3) When President Trump closed the border to incoming flights from China, the left squealed like a stuck pig. When President Trump ordered the two hospital ships into service, Rachel Maddow scoffed. He said it would never happen. When Gov. Cuomo of New York was screaming for more ventilators, there were thousands in storage. The left said that “we need more hospitals built,” then several were built — in record time. GM was dragging its feet building ventilators. President Trump ordered them. Now they are building thousands daily.

As far as Gov. Whittmer, if Ohio does it, Michigan will do it a day later. She is a follower not a leader. Those of us in the U.P. are suffering because of the urban areas around Detroit. I would have closed the Mackinac Bridge to any incoming traffic. unless you lived up here. If this is such a desperate time than it calls for desperate measures.

So, Mr. Cody and every other anti-Trumper, what exactly would you want? Hillary? Biden? Bernie? I”ll stick with the best person to lead us through this mess, President Trump.

Tom Grant



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