Letter to the President


Dear Mr. President:

Sir, don’t put me on your “hit list” for comments forthcoming. I have been saying since the surprise 2016 victory that your policies in so many arenas have been positively received by many Americans who wish to recapture a country that once was, one where freedom and liberties were taken for granted and PC nonsense non-existent. n our nation’s past, we did not need to resort to violence, intimidation, harassment or media bias to make things work. There was often a spirit of cooperation and compromise in the air, even in the halls of our current super-split Congress.

The economy is very strong and unemployment at record lows. Significantly, minority booming employment challenges Democrat strongholds where many minority voters are re-evaluating who butters their bread. Americans, minus some college students, are not interested in socialism despite some Democrats’ supportive propaganda — feel the Bern. Most Americans want limited welfare and support work incentive programs.

In 2016, you will recall that many GOP operatives and officials were not keen on your rhetoric and behavior. You did not bring a stellar personal resume — and yet voters still “bought in” due to a conservative agenda and our desire to “drain the swamp.” Your rogue mouth then indeed did rally many disenchanted voters But, since then, your motor-cannon-mouth is hurting your re-election. Is it the huge ego and lack of understanding on how to get along — outside the boardroom? You get enemies you do not need, even in your own party and among advisors. Changeovers in White House staff are continual. The behavior is being stretched thin among many supporters, especially among some Evangelical Christians whom you cannot afford to lose.

Now, could you govern and administrate as well without being strident? Of course. Will that happen? We all know that answer. I just hope that many 2016 voters will look beyond the mouth and ego and see the accomplishments in the economy, lifesaving judicial appointments, no PC nonsense, a dwindling ISIS, tax breaks, criminal justice reform, less business regulations, etc. I hope we/they do. You make it hard on everyone, sir. You do not need to alienate Senators, sports heroes, Hollywood folk, any group of person. I’m not sure you can pull off another needed victory. Lighten up! The Left is out for blood. One recent poll of college students found that 60% of them would prefer that a meteor hit the earth than you be re-elected.

Many think your re-election is in the bag. I wish I were so confident.

Mike Olson

Ford River/Escanaba


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