Heed precautions, but don’t panic



False Evidence Appearing Real! Oftentimes that is what FEAR is — irrational response to circumstances and events. Yes, the coronavirus is something to be concerned about for sure, but panic and freaking out help no one. Psychology experts make it clear that more than 90% of what we worry about never occurs. So, many folk’s fears get really blown out of proportion. Yes?

Yes, we need to heed the precautions that experts tell us and that kind of information floods all media today, so take notice. Let’s not play the blame game as some politicians are currently doing. Washington D.C., time to unite, not fight.

As all of you know, there has been a run on toilet paper locally. Not napkins, paper towels or tissues (tissues make some sense), but t.p. Are we expecting to hunker down for months and need tp that bad? Maybe we can be like France where they used to or still use newspapers instead of tp. I can volunteer some bias newspapers for behinds. Thanks, merchants, for not price gouging.

Can you guess which group in Wuhan, China, is on the frontlines giving away free masks and other needed support risking their own health? Persecuted (still) Chinese Christians. And, by so doing, even Chinese government officials are actually kind of grateful. There, that is a first.

Over and over in the New Testament Jesus Himself says, “Don’t be afraid, trust me.” Well, believers, take him at his word. What a time for the Church to act like — the Church, in China and here. Let’s dispel the false rumors and offer aid in all forms where we can. Lets’ let the people see the Church respond proactively, clearly and lovingly. “Let’s share!” Big job? Okay! Let the steeple bells ring. Go for it U.P.! We always talk about the unique sisu, guts and specialness of our northern homeland, so let’s show our stuff.

School kids are soon “out.” Get your kids off the couches and the electronic gadgets and get them outside. Good, clean U.P. air will do them all good. Us too.

Mike Olson

Ford River/Excanaba


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