Letter showed lack of understanding


This letter is in response to one posted by Ms. Mari Negro regarding the legal demonstration of rights guaranteed by our Second Amendment by Representative Beau LaFave. She expressed notable bias and lack of understanding regarding firearms and our Constitution. I found the letter a representation of misinformation and hypocrisy.

It’s interesting she (and the organization for which she wrote) expressed respect for the Second Amendment if used for hunting and self-protection. These two activities are appropriate expressions of its intent, but show a narrow and self-serving interpretation. The true intent is to provide for the protection of a free state. The word “hunting” exists nowhere in the Constitution. Perhaps a re-read is in order for Ms. Negro.

In fact, a true educational opportunity was missed. A learning moment in the halls of government was selectively overlooked. Beau’s demonstration of the real meaning “the right to keep and bear arms” is not restricted to one’s home (protection) or the field (hunting). He used a firearm as an openly visible expression of one of our freedoms. But then, who but the Democrats have such a prejudiced interpretation of our rights. Have you ever heard of a Democrat lobbying or legislating in favor of firearm possession without restriction? And, of course, the erroneous and prejudicial use of the term “assault weapon” was trotted out. It was not as she presented it. This firearm, in this configuration and function, is issued to no standing army in the world.

Negro raised the question of “safety” in Beau’s actions. Again, this speaks to the left’s reticence in promoting the most basics of education regarding firearms, their safe function and understanding of their state relative to use. The Left has no hesitation in expending public funds for education dealing with drug use, driving an automobile or sex education. But our children are deprived of access to knowledge of safe handling of “an integral part of our culture up here”… firearms.

People are not born with a fear of firearms, it is instilled via programs (official or un-) which present only one side of the coin, the side of fear and avoidance rather than the side of respect and appreciation for the ability to responsibly control a form of power for legitimate uses. From her expressions of fear, it is apparent Ms. Negro is a product of successfully waged previous propaganda campaigns.

It seems, in large part, impossible for the Left to portray firearms without bias and contempt, yet proclaim their hypocritical support for the Second Amendment, this double speak is basic to their message.

Yes, it is unfortunate the representative’s “modern sporting rifle” was taken as a result of a criminal break-in. In speaking with Beau he disclosed that Lansing police have a suspect, but have not secured a search warrant. Instead of recognizing Beau as the victim of a crime, he was deemed to be irresponsible… go figure.

Michael A. Glass



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