Gun resolution is a political statement


Dear Delta County Commissioners:

I am concerned about your current consideration in adopting the proposed non-binding resolution that declares Delta County a sanctuary city for the 2nd Amendment. This resolution does not have any legal recourse, as our lawmakers and our citizens are obligated to follow the laws that are enacted, which makes this resolution plainly a political statement. Specifically, this is a political statement that is divisive, as it does not reflect all Delta County citizens wishes.

I think that this resolution could have a negative effect on our county economically. It’s a polarizing political action and a business that may be considering locating in our area could find this as a sign that they would feel better suited elsewhere. Potential future citizens that may be looking to work in Delta County may not believe that the stated political viewpoints of our county match theirs, and they may be concerned that they would not be comfortable in our community.

I believe that we have some diversity of beliefs in Delta County and I see that as a positive attribute. I think that having our elected officials publicly ignore some of our citizen’s beliefs by declaring the entire county of one mind would be divisive and negative.

As commissioners for all of Delta County and because I know that it would be disappointing for those residents opposing this political viewpoint, I hope that you do not choose to be divisive by adopting this non-binding resolution.

Thank you for your service and your time.

Cathy J. Wilson



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