Second Amendment county issues


On Feb 4, 5:15 p.m., at the Delta County Courthouse our county commissioners will vote on a resolution to reaffirm their oath of upholding the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. and state Constitutions. At the previous two county meetings and in a letter to the editor, those that oppose the commissioners doing this have stated: 1. this resolution isn’t needed or is redundant because they have already done so by taking their oath of office; 2. it’s not needed because the 2nd Amendment already guarantees those rights; 3. by passing a 2nd Amendment resolution it will make the county look terrible and therefore will reduce the amount of people that would come to the county and hurt tourism and local business (deplorables I guess); 4. it would attract criminals and the unwanted; 5. it would prevent the sheriff from enforcing current law on individuals who may be deemed dangerous; 6. it is only political or a special interest loyalty oath. In my opinion, I don’t buy any of these reasons.

First, read the resolution and don’t add what is not there. The resolution is clear, it only states: that the County of Delta be, and hereby is, declared to be a “Second Amendment County”; and the board affirms its support for the sheriff and the prosecuting attorney to use their sound discretion to not enforce unconstitutional firearm laws. So, nothing scary there, we already have the above. Then why do it, I say why not: (1 and 2) we need to be proactive instead of always being reactive; every day we hear of state, federal politicians or groups that would like to limit or take away firearms from law-abiding individuals or act as if the U.S. Constitution has outlived its purpose and should be rewritten or amended to their vision (lets send a message loud and clear); before each commissioner meeting those in attendance say the “pledge of allegiance”, why if we have said it in the past; (3 and 4) I believe instead of painting the county in a bad-light it would do the opposite – who wouldn’t want to come to a county that is safe, peaceful, supports the constitution and has less crime because its citizens carry legal firearms – criminals that’s who (good thing); 5. it would not affect law enforcement from doing anything they already do (remember law enforcement usually arrives after the crime has been committed); 6. only a political or special interest loyalty oath – really, seriously, wow – I think the 2nd Amendment of the constitution is more. So, who needs to stand, be counted and be at the meeting – all county CPL holders, veterans and/or sportsmen and women at the very least? It’s time to be proactive and send the message that you support the 2nd Amendment by reaffirming your support and commitment by asking your commissioners to pass the resolution.

Last week, Mackinac County became the first 2nd Amendment county in Michigan. Many more will.

Rory Mattson

Ford River Township


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