Resolution has no purpose


The Delta County Commission is considering a resolution that would allow the Sheriff to refuse to enforce unconstitutional restrictions on gun ownership and possession. Because unconstitutional laws are already unenforceable, the resolution isn’t needed. Commissioner David Moyle, the resolution’s sponsor, is quoted as admitting, “it won’t let anyone carry any guns anywhere, it doesn’t try to weaken gun control, it doesn’t try to weaken background checks, the order and rule of law is expected here.” So what’s the point?

According to Moyle, “The Second Amendment sanctuary county movement doesn’t grandize anyone to any special treatment, it basically affirms the Fourth and Sixth Amendment of our Constitution. “ Why should the Commission affirm parts of the Constitution? Why not affirm the entire document? The answer is that the resolution is a special interest loyalty oath, and the message is “vote for it or risk punishment at the polls.” The county board should not succumb to bullying. It should reject a hollow resolution that has no purpose other than to intimidate. The county board should be dealing with issues that matter.

Nino E. Green