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On Thursday afternoon, I called Dan Flynn, the Esky school board president to ask him a few questions concerning the closing of Soo Hill School. I asked him why, as school board president, why he wasn’t at the Nov. 12 meeting to hear and answer questions from parents and citizens about Soo Hill. I was told it was none of my business. Ok. I asked him if he knew there were no empty classrooms at Lemmer. Yes he knew. So where would they put the kids? The third grade would go to the U and the sixth grade to the high school.

I asked him why the taxpayers were paying for a comfort dog? A dog, he asked? Where did I get that information? at a school board meeting I answered.

I asked why the fifth and sixth graders were watching CNN News instead of learning the truth about our history and government, because CNN is fake news. Where did I get that information? It’s a fact I told him he said it’s part of the curriculum. I said it’s fake news. He said that’s my opinion. Our history and government are what’s fact.

I asked him why our kids are not taught cursive writing. They graduate from high school and can’t read or write cursive. Of course they can he said. I said “no they cannot. Ask any teacher, parent or student and they’ll tell you they cannot read or write it and no one can tell me why they aren’t being taught. He said this is the 20th century and maybe they should be taught at home!

I asked where they got the money to replace the lockers and playground equipment at Webster when they can’t fix a leaky window at the U. He said the general fund. I asked him why they paid $15,000. more than the lowest bid for the lockers. He didn’t know anything about that.

I asked why at the school board meetings we’re not allowed to ask questions and get answers. He said they don’t have time.

All throughout our time on the phone he was extremely rude and put me down because I didn’t know what I was talking about. I asked him why he was being so rude and I reminded him he didn’t know anything about the school dog, CNN News, cursive writing or the cost of the lockers.

He asked me if I had any more questions and I said I guess not and he hung up on me.

We were told we could call the board members and ask questions anytime. He’s a poor representative of our school, The taxpayers paid his wages when he taught and now his retirement and this is what we get.

Gay Kleikamp

Ford River


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