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At this time of thanksgiving, I am so grateful for the compassion and generosity of our community. The Youth Assistance Program (YAP) of Delta County has been a recipient of this giving for over 30 years. During this time, the outstanding needs of countless children have been met in simple ways through the adults working with them in our schools and other community organizations.

Many times, the needs are basic for items such as clothing, shoes, winter gear, and school supplies beyond paper and pencils; other times, the needs are more about being able to include a child in activities such as school sports, clubs, book fairs, and field trips. There are also unique needs, like incentives for behavior, a mattress with a waterproof cover for a child who sleeps on a wet bed, tokens for transportation for teens who attend school in an alternative setting, an outfit for the school’s holiday program, equipment for a student to work in a trade to help contribute to the family’s income, or a bicycle with winter tires for getting to work.

Children do not often ask for these things, but caring adults notice and take action. Then, these same kids become caring adults and the extraordinary cycle continues. And, with every act of kindness, it becomes clear that it is not really just about the “things” it is about the human connection — knowing that people they don’t even know care enough to do something that helps them.

It is a privilege to be a part of an all-volunteer organization that honors childhood through the giving of others with 99.95 percent of all funds raised going directly to the needs of children. Please consider using the Green Envelope included with the paper today to support YAP or make a donation to another non-profit organization in our community. Even the smallest gifts can make a big difference — not just over the holidays, but all year long./

Lacy Lauzon

YAP President


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