Obey the signs


What don’t people understand when signs are posted, The Stop Sign, The Do Not Enter or Road Closed Signs.

I have seen so many close calls of people running stop signs which could have caused injury because of the speed. The Do Not Enter and Road Closed signs means just that. Last summer as 3rd Avenue North was being paved and barricades in place, I witnessed as well as many other people a woman driving a silver/gray Monte Carlo ignore all the signs posted and she decides to go past the barricade, jump the curbs, driver across the grass to go to Meijers. She had no regard to the lives of the workers who were hollering and trying to turn her back the way she came — but kept on her merry way.

In light of the increase of traffic with the new business that came to town. It is imperative to be more attentive of all road signs and obey especially in the construction zones.

We lost a community member working downstate in a construction area due to recklessness. We don’t need another lost life.

Terri McPherson



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