Nothing to hide


Dan Young, there are no recordings of phone calls of President Trump. Several people listen and record, by writing, what is said. The Oval Office used to be recorded until Nixon. You might have heard about that.

I heard a friend of mine who knew someone who overheard a conversation about President Trump. I better not say that out loud. They might subpoena me to appear in front of the closed-door hearings.

What “high crime or misdemeanor” has he been charged with? First it was collusion, which isn’t a criminal offense, then obstruction, now it is extortion, or maybe bribery today. I can’t keep up with the liberal talking points.

What, exactly, is it that you folks on the left think he is hiding? He released the transcripts of both phone calls. How about then Vice-President Joe Biden’s calls with the Ukraine president? Oh, never mind, he’s a Democrat. Anyway, there is video of him extorting the Ukraine but we can’t be bothered with that. It’s old history.

Tom Grant



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