Michigan Heartbeat Coalition

Dear Delta County Residents:

Presently, we are in a critical race to collect 340,000 Michigan signatures to stand for the unborn, once a heartbeat can be detected. The Michigan Heartbeat Coalition has been very successful, but we must continue to gather another 100,000 registered voter’s signatures, soon. Petitions have been circulated in 80 of 83 counties, signed by people who choose to stand for the sanctity of life. Let us be the voice for those without one.

Last year, 27,000 babies were aborted in Michigan. We are 10th in population, but fourth in abortions performed. This petition can save 95 percent of all babies currently being aborted, and still maintain Michigan’s Constitutional protections for all life if the Roe vs Wade opinion is overturned. Like other heartbeat laws that have passed in other states, Michigan’s Heartbeat Bill was drafted by six expert legislative attorneys, and the prestigious ACLJ has signed off on it. Thirty or more Michigan legislators have co-sponsored this bill. With enough signatures, we will not need the approval of our current “pro-abortion until birth” Governor.

As Delta County’s chair for the Michigan Heartbeat Coalition, I am asking for your help. Will you go to www.MIHeartbeat.org and ask for a petition to be mailed to you for signing or circulating? Will you encourage family, friends, and your church and community groups to sign and help?

Please feel free to contact me. I will deliver petitions and help you with the simple signing requirements described on the website. Petitions must be signed correctly to count. I can help you mail in full or partial petitions, or you may mail them in, on your own.

This is our unique, small window of opportunity. A heartbeat detected, will be a baby protected.

Let us do all that we can to save every precious life.

Kathie Scott




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