Get back to academics


I agree with all the reasons against the upcoming Bay College millage. Another reason.

Per definition, “A community college term usually refers to a higher educational institution that provides workforce education and college transfer academic programs. “

Many of us are opposed to the athletic programs. Since the fall of 2017, we have the Bay College Norse Basketball Program – mens and women’s. They travel to colleges throughout the Midwest. Collegiate sports teams generate thousands of dollars in revenues, but they also incur thousands of dollars in costs. For the vast majority of athletic teams, revenues do not cover costs. When athletic programs do not cover their costs, the institutional budget must fund these expenses and/or deficits.

They use large amounts of money on their college programs in start-up costs, athletic facilities, coaches, coaching staff, equipment, and other related expenses. In most states, they use student fees to fund their programs. So all student fees also help fund athletics.

The amount spent on an athlete is seven times more than the average amount spent per student. A case where the few are supported by the majority. Student-athletes are students first, just like non-athletic students.

So I’m sure some of the millage will be needed here.

This is a community college, not a major university. Let’s get back to academics.

Warren Bovin



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