Cold climate Halloween idea


I have an idea for those who live in cold climates — U.P., Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc. It is Halloween as I write this. It is about 35 degrees and it is quite windy. In Wisconsin, by Milwaukee, they are getting 2 – 4 inches of snow. It is really not a nice day to be outside. Lower Michigan is the same. The weather report says that as far south as Grand Rapids will receive several inches of snow. It happens just about every year. However, the previous three week have been relatively nice. Last weekend was when it went downhill weather-wise,

My idea: Let’s have Halloween the first two weeks of October. For years I have watched the poor kids suffer through extreme cold, wet, snowy, and windy weather to get candy. The few times that I have been home, I have had to wear a coat to hand out candy.

When I was a kid in Indiana and Ohio, Halloween was awesome. It was also not cold. Halloween should be awesome for kids. Dressing up in a costume and then putting a winter coat and boots over top that costume is not fun. We used to walk everywhere. Now, the kids ride from house to house in a car. The reason? Kids are lazy? No. they are cold!

Let’s make Halloween Oct. 15 from now on.

Tom Grant