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Over the course of my college career, I have changed majors a few times. I didn’t really have a direction. Not having any idea what I really wanted to do was hurting my motivation. I tried to take some mass communications, business law and psychology classes. I wasn’t excited or genuinely interested in any of those topics, but I wanted to try them out and see if they would interest me.

At the end of the winter 2009 semester, i received an associates in liberal arts. I didn’t know what liberal arts was; all I knew was that I had a diploma. I tried to get a job with my “new found education” but quickly realized that employers wanted to see a diploma with direction.

I was anything but a traditional college student, when I decided to go back (again) and apply for the nursing program at Bay College. I was in my mid-30s and had two teenagers at home, who were struggling with homework/school issues; when I decided to take on homework and school issues of my own.

Right from the beginning, I felt welcomed, not only by my fellow classmates, by by the entire staff at Bay College. they really went out of their way to make sure each and every student succeeded in their classes. Tutors and Supplemental Instructors were readily available to help me get through some difficult nursing classes.

With the support of my family and friends, I received my LPN degree in the fall of 2013 and quickly found a job a OSF. I worked as an LPN for a year and decided to go back for my RN; with tuition reimbursement and flexible scheduling, OSF made it easy to make the transition back to school. I obtained my RN in 2017 and found more doors opening for me within the hospital. I transferred to ACU in 2018 and a new found passion was ignited. I absolutely love going to work every day and I am proud to say that I work for OSF St. Francis Hospital.

Bay College gave me not only a highly sought after degree, but was also a stepping stone for me to obtain my Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) this past summer

Kori Duquette RN,BSN



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