Who is going to pay these higher taxes?


This letter is in reference to the Bay College millage vote coming up. We live in a low income area because we have a city council that won’t allow industry to move in. Even our city administrator didn’t stick around. The Escanaba school board wants to close another school. We qualify for free, free free breakfast and lunch because were low income and they’re happy about it! Where do they think all this “free” comes from? There’s no such thing as “free.” Someone is paying for it — us! When I grew up and you didn’t feed your children, it was called neglect. I guess Hillary Clinton was right (I don’t usually quote Hillary Clinton) when she said ‘it takes a village to raise a child.”

Laura Coleman had an assembly and fed Bay students pizza and encouraged them to vote yes for Bay College. They don’t own homes. They don’t pay property taxes. What kind of manipulation and thinking is that? Who exactly is going to pay these higher taxes? Vote no

Gay Kleikamp

Ford River


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