Recently, President Trump apologized for a statement he made two weeks ago. Really? Even possible? Weeks ago, QB Drew Brees did a TV public relations spot encouraging students to bring their Bibles to “Bring your Bible to School Day.” He got flack. What? Should he have endorsed Mein Kampf or Catcher in the Rye? Ivanka Trump got a new haircut and some reporters called it a political statement saying we should now be “afraid.” What? Oh, yes, VP Pence’s wife began teaching at a DC Christian School and some leftists found that “offensive.” Really? Pence also had eight limos shipped to Mackinac Island to take his entourage a half mile from the dock to the Grand Hotel — mucho overkill. And, recall that President Obama sent government money to the Middle East to help defeat PM Netanyahu in a recent election — sounds Ukraine-ish to me.

Esky librarian Pat has a “Please Do Disturb” sign. Yea! A September article in the NY Times is about 3 NY City women who feel “poop-shamed”—hmmmm. They feel that they must hide their bathroom odors because we men pressure them to smell better. What –what? Yeah, that NY Times that prides itself in printing only “the news that’s fit to print.”

Last week I attended my Alma College 50th reunion and at the football game I ran into two Alma High School football players. We chatted and I told them I was from Escanaba. They literally “froze” knowing the Eskymos beat them annually in the playoffs. True! Also there, my ultra-liberal friend from San Francisco told me about the outrageous homeless problem plaguing California’s large cities where homeless populations are using sidewalks and residential yards as bedrooms and bathrooms. Yikes- really. She says that her compassionate liberal Democrat elected officials “don’t get it.” Wow! Green Bay Packers,1st and goal on the 1 yard line — cannot get a touchdown – -what? One NYC seminary, not conservative, has services where you “get to” confess your sins — to plants. True. Recently some errant pastor justified wearing his $4,000 tennis shoes. Yeowza! And, one female TV evangelist wants another $7 million jet—“to the moon, Alice!” So sad.

Oh, yeah, California again — the state government has ruled that its employees cannot do business with states that will not pay for their states’ employees to get free taxpayer sex change operations. True! “Go West young man” but come back–fast! Some folks on the Left are criticizing Mr. Rogers for endorsing “masculine toxicity”. Must be the sweaters.

I have just noticed two shiny, gold-copper steeples lighting up the Esky skyline…amen! Upon a recent downstate visit to see U.P. inmates in some prisons, I met a family and woman visiting inmates too. The first middle-aged couple had 19 adopted and foster children. The woman, Elaine, 40, with three jobs and her own family, visits her 23-year old schizophrenic nephew, Eric, weekly. Two years ago Eric killed her father and brother and badly wounded her mother. This couple and Elaine — manifest the power of grace, love and forgiveness to the max — really!

Mike Olson

Ford River/Escanaba


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