Outside pressure


Referencing a letter to the press dated Sept. 21, 2019, in regard to the changes to the township land ordinance proposed by Orion, what.

Escanaba Township has many, many well-educated, professional, people with common sense, sensitive, concerned citizens and board members, so why would we want or need Orion’s wording, ideas, suggestions or pressure to direct our township officials how they want the amendment worded. I believe our officials will do their independent study, research, phone calls, etc. to determine if this is in the best interest for the greater good of the majority of the residents or if this will maintain the quality of life in the township.

By what I have heard from the podium at the meetings and meeting twice to speak with the developers, I am more convinced our residents, who are educated in in their area of expertise, have more knowledge and experience than someone with ideas and no experience to address the issues specific to the Flat Rock area.

As Peter from Orion said at a township meeting on Sept. 10, 2019, “Orion could provide suggestions to support the township efforts.” We have our elected board members, who are to represent the residents for their better good and quality of life, not to be pressured and influenced by business developers from out-of-state dangling a golden carrot. With a little bit of research you will soon see the greater part of that carrot is supposition since this group does not currently have a operating solar farm.

Let’s all do our research and use our God given ability to weigh the facts, and no Bob the facts do not confuse us, there is no room in this matter for empty promises. We do not need the pressure or persuasive speeches by the developers, who showed up in force at our last township/ zoning meeting. Like I stated before we are well-educated, professional, experienced residents with common sense also.

Ada Knauf

Flat Rock


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