In support of Bay College millage


Back in the ’70s, when I wanted some voc-technical training, I applied to Bay College, was accepted and proceeded to take classes in machine tool, arc welding and blueprint reading. Upon completion of those basic, hands-on classes, I was hired into a local machining business, successfully bidding for jobs on the basis of skill and ability, to be the first, and only, woman in the production area. That training and experience, were what opened the door to employment at our local paper mill for over 26 years. I was more than able to support myself and my children, and build a comfortable retirement for myself.

The broad spectrum of classes offered at Bay College over the last 50 years, have well equipped thousands of area residents for well paying careers, either in the trades, or industry, or moving on to advanced degrees.

Keeping this treasure of education moving forward with new areas of training, is what we need to do, for all of our citizens, whether it is to become a teacher, or a doctor of medicine, or a welder of tall buildings, or a farmer, who helps feed us all…Bay College has classes and training that will advance that career path.

Please…think of all of our young people who can save lots of money by getting their career training here at home, and vote yes for the Bay College millage proposal on the ballot on Nov. 5.

Thank you for your vote!

Maria Maniaci



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