Ill-conceived millage request


I am writing about the proposed Bay College millage increase. We’ve had an epidemic of millage requests over the last few years. In May, 911 dispatch renewal 60 percent increase; and road patrol: a renewal with a 40 percent increase. DATA and the landfill before that. In 2013 Bay asked for a renewal millage, which when voted in 20 years before, was a “one time and done” …a broken promise.

Property taxes are the most regressive tax there is, compared to sales tax, in which the taxpayer determines such by their purchases, and also income tax which is determined by earning ability, both payed and done.

Our homes, whether owned or rented, are always held hostage by property taxes which punish people for succeeding in a capitalistic nation… absurd! Property taxes never allow “we the people” to own our property free and clear of debt. Why it is that our local public schools, of which Bay College is chief, fail to teach the foundation of our nation as far as its taxation system, uniqueness of property ownership, the capitalistic economy, etc? Could it be that they have “evolved,” (of which Bay is chief), into pagan fatalist government indoctrination centers, whose motto is “ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of The Truth?” In other words, God is dead and the taxpayers are ignoramus, uneducated ‘deplorables’, who are to be controlled and fleeced by the “know it all” government academic elite?

It is obvious that Bay, by requesting this (another) millage increase, has decided that the generosity of the Delta County property taxpayers is not enough for their desires. As a former Bay trustee with 31 years of service, I implore you, the taxpayers of this community, to reject this ill-conceived millage request of Bay College.

Sincerely concerned,

Robert W. Barron