Watch what you watch


Way back decades ago, TV pundits began to warn about the social ills and questionable programming that would come to television. Where they right? Too many shows are marketing the most extreme, explicit behavior and conduct to kids. Are we naive enough to think that such entertainment children consume cannot have harmful, lasting effects?

So, how do we adults use the boob tube? I only get maybe 60 channels but often say to myself, “There’s nothing on”. Got that problem with 300?

Remember when “Father (knew) Best”? Imagine that show today — Me-Too movement uproar no doubt. How ’bout Beaver and F-Troop? Nobody hurt there. And, Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore in twin beds?

My local 20-something friend says to me, “Mike, this TV sex and violence is just “too much.’” Nailed it, kid. What is your TV diet? Beverly Hillbillies or the Housewives of New York, Jersey or Miami? Or, maybe some of the satan/witch/vampire shows? One recent Fox program was the show, “Lucifer” — what?

Even some once decent shows originally went off track quickly, Two and Half Men for one. Now the male leads cannot keep their sexy hands off themselves or anything else that moves. Even Seinfeld and some other good shows include “iffy” content. I recall a “Three’s Company” program decades ago embarrassing me and my then 12-year old son.

Case in point: The ever popular Family Feud. Recently, two service men were at the podium and asked which animal reminded them of their wives in the bedroom. Both faces turned red and both refused to answer. Another Feud question asked 100 people what they first wanted to see in Heaven. #1 answer: Booze. Really, so enlightening.

Yes, we should monitor TV shows, movies, on-line computing and other entertainment venues. Do due diligence in advance. Watch what you watch, not just your kids. The fastest growing audience for online porn is 11-17 year old males. That’s “too much’.

Today, American Housewife — inane. Naked and Afraid — yikes! Too, too many foxy Fox cartoons — careful. Dance Moms — hmmm. Maybe invest in the outdoors….send kids out or take them out. Maybe go a week in your home with no TV. Hollywood will never censor itself. If you are serious about TV-movie content, check out the Parents Television Council online.

Bob Newhart, Mary Tyler Moore, Gunsmoke, Mannix, Howdy Doody, Warner Bros cartoons, The Middle, Frasier, Twilight Zone, Andy of Mayberry — where’d you go?

Mike Olson

Ford River/Escanaba