Theft of signs disturbing


What kind of neighbors do you have?

Are they friendly, helpful, trustworthy, and honorable? I applaud Ada Knauf for her recent letter in the Press. She pointed out the kind of people who live in Escanaba Township and the Flat Rock area. I am talking about most of the residents of the area who are helpful, respectful and considerate of others and sensitive to the welfare and common good of the community as a whole.

In this letter, I am speaking about the Amish, a group of people who are hard-working, honest and honorable. They are a group with integrity who are good neighbors, and are above reproach. They are very moral people who honor God and worship him.

This brings me to my question. What kind of people would do such a vindictive and ignorant thing tearing down road signs put up by the county specifically for the safety of these people, who do not harm and will make our community a better place by their presence? I sincerely pray that the perpetrators will be apprehended.

Gary Sheedlo



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