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For those who regularly attend church, this letter is not for you. Why? Because you have heard this message before. This letter is for all those who do not attend church regularly, if at all. Why? Because what was said at our church on Sunday must be heard by everyone.

You’re tempted to stop reading. Don’t! This letter could change your life, literally fill that empty feeling that accompanies all people. That’s right! There are no exceptions! All people experience a God-given empty feeling, at certain times. You know this voice that calls from within as, “who am I, what am I doing here and where am I going?” Or, this inner voice may say, “there must be more to life, something else I need to feel fulfilled…I have no peace of mind and I can’t remember the last time I’ve had any happiness or joy in my life.”

We have a new Pastor at our church and he shared a message that was intended for our ears, yet the message was clearly for all those who no longer attend church, or have never attended church. Part of his message, intended for the congregation was, “I pray that this congregation would be set on fire by the Holy Spirit and your life would become all that God intended it to be.” No surprise here, as all church attenders have heard this message before, often perhaps.

Then he spoke to all non-church attenders, and it was profound. You see, his passion is that all people experience eternal life. He said, with deep conviction and a troubled heart, “I wish I could stand on the steeple of the church and yell to everyone, I know what’s missing in your life and I have the answer for you.”

He went on to lament, “how can we get this message into the heart of all people?” Oh, you’re right…I haven’t given you the answer yet, have I? The answer is actually a paradox, as it is deeply profound, yet amazingly simple. The answer to what is missing in your life is Jesus.

No, I am not going to go on and try explaining this powerful answer for what’s missing in your life. This message will accomplish that for which it is intended and it will speak to those it is intended for.

So, Father Tim, as you hoped this simple message would be heard by all, perhaps this letter will help be a small part in accomplishing exactly what you prayed for, as my wife and I wholeheartedly agree with you.

If you have lived long enough, you certainly know by now, life can be extremely difficult. Life provides very few guarantees. Jesus, however, is the one and only guarantee that actually works. Choose to always make Jesus first in your life & you will be transformed. To those of you in need of answers, Jesus is the answer to every question life provides.

Mike Cousineau



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