Respect should go both ways


At the Escanaba Township Zoning Board meeting on Sept. 5, a board member reiterated several times how the township citizens were disrespectful to the board members and how they have to sit and listen to this and still maintain control of the meeting. I agree, there is no room for disrespect. At the same meeting, which is chaired by Jack Penagor, who made these two statements. 1. “we will have to rewrite this solar ordinance so the people are in favor of it.” 2. “How do we word it so we can make these people want it.” These people” are the citizens of Escanaba Township, your neighbor, your friends, business owners, church-goers, taxpayers, neighbors helping neighbors, taking a covered dish to a funeral at church, cutting and stacking firewood for a neighbor where illness has struck, watch a neighbor’s children in an emergency, helping a neighbor with a vehicle or equipment breakdown or repair, sharing a picnic lunch together. We are “these people “who are working together to preserve the quality of life in this area which we have all enjoyed. “These people” find it unconscionable that we, except for 12 families, are being asked to give up this quality of life. As stated in Amendment/Supplement to Escanaba Township Zoning Ordinance—

WHEREAS, the Board has determined that the Ordinance Amendment would promote and enhance the overall welfare and quality of life in Escanaba Township; and

WHEREAS, the Board has determined that enacting said Ordinance Amendment is in the best interest of the public health, safety and welfare of the Township residents.

I fail to understand or comprehend how allowing industrial solar in our township will stay within these guidelines.

I am one of ” these people” but I am a individual who has lived in the Flat Rock area all my life and I value and am grateful for this beautiful farm/ residential community.

Rewording will not make “these people” want this industrial solar blight in our community, so the wording will not change our opinion and our answer is still no, not in our community.

We have been and are blessed to live in such a beautiful community, let’s keep it that way and also respect should go both ways.

Ada Knauf