Local support needed for tunnel


I learned recently that a growing number of county commissioners around the state are choosing to support resolutions that call on the governor, attorney general and other state policymakers to approve a tunnel for Line 5. Good for them. I’m happy that local officials – who know better than other elected leaders the challenges faced by community businesses and consumers – are making their voices heard.

Activists have delayed progress on this project for too long and if they achieve their ultimate goal, which is shutting down Line 5, we are all in trouble. Since it entered service, Line 5 has safety transported 80 million barrels (14,000 a day) of Michigan-produced crude oil in the region. It meets 65 percent of the propane demand in the Upper Peninsula. Prices will spike if Line 5 goes away. Actually, that is the best case scenario. Worse would be that we wouldn’t have the fuel we need to get through the winter.

I hope our commissioners will speak up too. This issue is too important to local families not to.

Aaron Price



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