A positive solution


Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Escanaba Township Residents:

It is with great concern and sincerity that I write this to all interested parties, whether for or against the commercial solar issue.

Unfortunately, some statements have been made that are factually incorrect. It was April 2017 when the solar representatives first came to the landowners in this area. Within the last year, plus, information has been published and made known in the Daily Press, Action News, at public hearings, and on the Escanaba Township website. Letters were sent to township residents (according to township ordinance) 300 feet from the solar area in early summer this year, inviting them to an informal, informational meeting put on by Orion, the solar business. At the appointed township meeting, an ordinance was passed that allowed commercial solar farming in the proposed area. The township now is soon to vote, Sept. 16, on an adjustment to the said ordinance. It was deemed necessary, by legal counsel opinion, to amend the solar ordinance, to make it legally correct.

A person should be able to use his own property as he wishes within the law. Others in the neighborhood have done so to increase income, provide business, or enhance value: for example: a greenhouse, tractor pulls, lumber sales, cross country track, raspberries sales, etc. Other negatives about this project have little or no validity, and perhaps are being used as a scare tactic to prevent the project or enhance fear. Farmers in the area have leased their land to others for various reasons; the solar project has become one of the various reasons. However a conflict exists, perhaps mostly and only because of the change in scenery it would provide.

Delta County is rated the number one county for solar production in Michigan, and also has the number one rating for windmills which are in the Garden Peninsula. As the resources are developed, it will turn Delta County from an importer of electricity to a net exporter. This is a natural resource that we have in our area. The Orion Renewable Company wants to make excellent use of it, bringing great productivity to this area. (See the Chandler solar project fact sheet.) (Orion is the major company and Chandler is the name of this particular solar project.)

Could we stop the railroads, the giant ships, the speeding jets; how about progress and cures for cancer, diabetes, degenerative heart disease, etc. It’s all progress for the betterment and advancement of our society. Change is often difficult. But if we prepare ourselves and see how it will be better for the future and for the majority of people, maybe we can adjust. This project will lower electrical rates, provide jobs, bring industry and business into the area, to offer enhanced incomes and working positions. Hopefully, there will be a positive solution to the quandary there seems to be out and about right now. And thank you for reading and keeping a positive influence.

Jean Lancour



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